Who or What is I.A.M.?
The Independent Associations of Ministers (I.A.M.) is a nationwide Christian Non-Profit Corporation listed with the District of Columbia and the Internal Revenue Service under 501 C. The I.A.M. is made up of individuals, churches and pastors, who are concerned about answering the Call of God and distributing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Where does the money go?
Funds raised with this IAM Jail Ministry Fund Drive will support:
A Bible Correspondence Course for men and women in trouble in our community, temporarily in county jails before prison, release, or trial.
Are contributions tax deductible?
Yes. Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, IAM is a church ministry. Your generous contributions to such a recognized organization is assumed to be tax deductible. However any tax questions should be addressed to your accountant or whoever prepares your annual taxes. You will receive an IAM Official Receipt and Certificate of Appreciate for tax purposes either email or postal.
How much does the organization receive from donations?
I.A.M. receives 90 percent of gross collections. Ten percent is allocated for fundraising, publishing and distributing costs. All fundraising is done in-house. There are no outside contractors.
What makes the IAM Bible Correspondence Course different from all others?
Inmate-to-inmate-finding God being locked up.

Written by a a prisoner for other prisoners looking for God being locked up. And backed up by an active Bible Correspondence Course for people in trouble based on non-denominational age-old Scriptural wisdom, inspired by God.

Designed for person-to-person people without internet looking to reach out to other Christians.

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300 copies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the hands of those who need it most

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